Friends, these are some comments that have been sent to me through emails and we thought we’d share them here on this Blog.

Dear +Bernie,
   The pictures of your chapel, which made me feel as if I was right there, brought a restful and quiet joy to my heart.  Such a beautiful job you have done!  The red touches are perfect and the center stained glass window above the altar is superb.  I especially appreciate the way you have nestled the building in amongst the woods.  Such a supportive place to meditate, to pray, to worship or just be in the silence of the Divine.  How lovely to be able to spend some time there!
    Then, coming across The Great Invocation brought tears to my eyes.  I didn’t know anyone in our group was familiar with it.  In fact the whole of the Meditation was very meaningful and uplifting.  Thank you, +Bernie for your gifts.    Radiant blessings to you and your ministry.                    Warmly,      +Connie 

Nice job on the chapel!  This will be quite an inviting place for the ordination/consecration on December 5th.  I look forward to being there. ~ Michael


I really enjoyed visiting St. Patrick’s chapel on this crisp fall Monday morning. I love how it’s so nestled in the country & elegantly simple & filled with Spirit. Touring your website had the same helpful, peaceful Spirit–I feel like I’ve been to church.
Thanks Bernie, Claudia

Bishop Bernie, I enjoyed checking out your web site. It is interesting how different colors mean different things. Red keeps the evil spirits away while blue invites the good spirits to come. May only those with love in their heart come through your chapel doors.
love, Marian