Many people ask me about Chakras. Each human has seven of these energy centers. If seen, they look like the flower of a lotus. Each chakra has a certain number of petals. Half of them grow naturally assisted by nature/angels. The others are built by Spiritual work. In this outline the most important solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras are considered. During this period of human development, opening the Heart Chakra with the help of the chakras above it and below it, is most important.

There is an activity or spiritual exercise listed for each of the petals for which disciples on The Path are responsible. Study this and work out a program for yourself to grow these petals of energy in your life.  The outline was given to me almost 30 years ago by Dr. Carol E. Parrish~Harra, founder of the Sancta Sophia Seminary and The Light of Christ Community Church. Father Bernie is a lifetime member of the Sancta Sophia Seminary Alumni Association.

It is quite helpful for health and spirit to build up one’s energy centers/chakras.

Things to do to develop, unfold, balance the upper petals of each of the Chakra Centers:


A 12 petaled center. Lower 6 are developed for us by nature (by angels, by endowment) YOU have to develop the upper 6 petals. A place of Balance. Enables self for service.

1) Endeavor to gain conscious control over sequence of thought.

2) Regulate own actions to get rid of all inconsistencies. (Inconsistencies are damaging)

3) Cultivate endurance and perseverance. Become impervious to obstacles or influences that would divert from goal. Willing to meet all challenges.

4) Develop tolerance,  forbearance toward aspects of self, others, and circumstances. Develop flexibility. Overcome superficiality. Avoid criticism. Develop empathy; see good in everything.

5) Develop openness, trust, faith, and receptivity. Develop male and female sides of self, for balance.

6) Cultivate equinimity ~ inner calmness, balance inner peace. (Note: if a psychic is disturbed, you’ll get a distorted picture!)


A 10 petaled center. Develop the upper 5. Lower 5 developed by nature.

1) Develop patience! Work at it.

2) Learn conscious control, and dominate incoming sense impressions. Consider mind as a gate keeper!

3) Gain conscious control over previously unconscious conditioned responses.

4) Develop life of active attention to what is going on in world! Know what great events occur in your lifetime.

5) Practice meditation.

The outcome of working with these is balance, wholeness, the integrated person. NOTE: These instructions have to do with working with the heart center and the center below the heart center.


A 16 petaled center. The Will center. A center for balancing life. Lower 8 petals developed for us by angels; upper 8 have to be consciously developed by working on the following:

1) Take active role in self-education.

2) Control your resolutions. Abstain from anything to which no significant motivation urges you. Thoughtless and meaningless actions should be foreign to you.

3) Exercise self control of speech.

4) Regulate outer actions. Strive for reconciliation between people, for justice and peace.

5) Manage the whole of life by endeavoring to bring nature and spirit into harmonious unity. Regulate habits and care of health to bring about harmonious outcome.

6) Human endeavor…conduct self in light of self knowledge. Set aims that have to do with higher endeavors or destiny. See beyond the trivial; see the big picture. Love one’s duty with enthusiasm.

7) Endeavor to learn as much as possible from life.

8) Periodically (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) take stock. Measure progress. Learn from what went well. Weigh duties. (If duties are not fitting, change them!) Do what you do with great enthusiasm. Apply what you know. Test fundamental principles of life; reflect on content and aim of life.